Afghanistan Allies Humanitarian Rescue 

This non-profit's goal is to provide humanitarian assistance to United States (US) citizens and allied United Nations (UN) citizens in need of rescue and/or repatriation from Afghanistan to the US and allied UN. In addition to providing humanitarian aid to rescue US citizens and UN allies, this non-profit will help organize aid upon arrival into new countries such as food, clothing, housing, job placement, VISA & immigration support services, and related repatriation efforts.


Endangered US Citizens and UN Allies Remain trapped in Afghanistan


Veteran Based Security Contractors who want to save our allies and honor our promise


Partnerships with Neighboring Nations for Safe Harbor that are committed to legal vetting of all evacuees


Common humanitarian  purpose to protect our US Citizens and UN Allies


This is a non-profit, the goal is to rescue as many US citizens and UN allies as possible, there are approximately 10,000 - 50,000 people left behind in this category, and it is expected to cost between $5,000-$6,000 per person to rescue them. This non-profit will be funded by donors and the humanitarian mission will be executed by private security contractors in coordination with receiving governments.


Upcoming Projects to Fund

Our mission is to rescue as many US citizens and UN allies as possible and to legally bring them to safe harbor countries for vetting and repatriation assistance



Any amount of donation can help save lives now, time is critical as the government is rebuilt under Taliban rule.  Women and childeren, US Citizens and UN allies lives are all in danger

All the Latest Updates

We can help save tens of thousands with your help, we have the infrastructure and boots on the ground, agreements with neighboring safe harbor nations, all we need is your financial support to save lives

Get to Know Us

Directors are Ajmal Anar & Ajmal Safi.

Ajmal Anar is an International Attorney who has served in several key roles throughout the 20-year war for the United States government. His positions include work with USAID, USSOCOM, NATO, Senior Legal Advisor, Foreign Media Analyst, etc. He worked with several US and UN Nations Generals to develop foreign policy as a senior advisor. His family has been left behind by the US government who offers no assistance to bring them home despite his years of service as a GS-15 and multi award winning work efforts to serve our great nation and UN allies. He wants to help other patriots and veterans honor our UN nations pledge to provide safe harbor to citizens of US and UN allies qualified for special immigrant visas with the support of Joanne King Herring featured in  "Charlie Wilson's War".

Ajmal Safi who speaks 6 languages and  worked as an independent contractor for a company out of VA beach that trained the U.S. State Department high ranking diplomats, the U.S. Department of Defense to include Ministry of Defense Advisors (MODA), Civilian Expeditionary Workforce (CEW), and U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) as a bilingual bicultural advisor subject matter expert and linguist in the U.S. as an Afghan war expert.